'Everyone has a story to tell. They just need to be asked the RIGHT QUESTIONS in the WRONG ORDER.'

I am a multi award winning director (Promaxes, Kinsale Sharks & Royal Television Society Award) specialising in commercial documentary filming. Over the past 15 years I have directed a huge range of high end brand content, commercials and promo campaigns - BARCLAYS, TESCOS, BBC ONE and TWO, BBC NEWS and BBC WORLDWIDE, UKTV and PETS AT HOME.

I am known for my unnerving yet charming interview technique; raw, frenetic, audacious and unconventional, which results in unanticipated, authentic and captivating performances. I insist on a sprinkling of chaos and spontaneity during filming which makes for much more compelling story-telling. Whether the contributor is a celebrity or a member of the public, they are all treated the same; with respect, but with the expectation that they must say something that they have never said before in a way, and in a way they'd never expect to say it. I prefer to capture the raw and imperfect beauty of peoples' answers when they're caught off guard. They end up finding my chaotic style both cathartic and humorous and illuminating.

Pitching to a room full of clients is my forte. I thrive on their questions, curiosities and concerns. I understand clients' perspective. This is business after all and I speak collaboratively in 'their language' so that they are reassured that the direction is strong and the brand identity will be honoured and protected. I do oodles of research into the company's campaign history and mission statement, so that I am well-equipped with their rationale and business strategy.

Being an experienced Creative as well as a director means that I have an essential appreciation of the story arc. Before filming I engulf myself in hearty researching of the subject matter. I build a 'skeleton' script where I imagine what the contributors might say and how they may feel. My strength is to tailor those answers so that there is a sense of artistry and style in their words.